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Gantry milling machine


With the consolidated experience in a wide range of application fields , and years of cooperation with the more important and experienced manufacturing companies all around the world, Pietro Carnaghi developed, in more than 80 years, the most advanced and reliable accessories.

A brief list of the main accessories:
• Automatic and modular turning toolholders
• Turning toolholders with automatic extensions
• Table with Y axis and milling head with Y axis travel
• Second (mirror) carriage
• Grinding accessories

Considering the relevant milling spindle speed (3000 g/1’) and the balance of the masses in the spindle itself, it is possible to have a dedicated accessory for grinding operations.

In order to reach higher rotational speeds grinding electrospindles are available.
• Universal heads
• High speed milling heads
• Table/pallet with hydraulic automatic jaws
• Magnetic tables
• High pressure toolholders (upto 750 bar)
• Automatic boring heads with controller axis


Milling accessories:

Automatic change of tools:

Probes and other accessories:

Turning accessories: